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    Representatives from Gambia (en)

     Durante el Cuarto Examen Global de la Ayuda para el Comercio, celebrado en la Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC) entre los días 8 y 10 de julio, los altos directivos del ITC mantuvieron una serie de reuniones bilaterales con altos representantes de los países asociados. Como parte de la orden del día,...

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    Poor communities in Fiji find ways of generating income from surprising places with ITCs help.


    Until recently, Anna Ngouet was caught in a poverty trap. The declining yield of her 500 coffee trees was reducing her income year after year. With less cash inhand, she did not have sufficient resources to maintain her plantation, resulting in deterioration...


    Addressing the International Trade Centre (ITC)’s annual Joint Advisory Group (JAG) meeting, Ms. Patricia R. Francis, Executive Director of ITC, spoke about ITC’s focus on building partnerships with beneficiaries and other trade-related technical assistance...

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