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  • NTF III Myanmar - Inclusive Tourism Focussing on Kayah State

    • DatesSep 2014 - Jun 2017
    • Donor(s)Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI)
    • Project #MYA/47/113A
    • BudgetUSD 1,901,108

    Project objective

    The project aims to create and maintain jobs in the Myanmar tourism sector. This will be achieved by increasing the income of enterprises and local communities, and by enhancing the competitiveness of Myanmar's tourism industry and related supply chains, especially at the Kayah state level, ultimately contributing to sustainable economic development. Due to a lack of tourism offerings, including products and services that could be sold to the tourism industry, the tourism sector in Myanmar in general and in Kayah state in particular fails to reap the full potential for employment creation and income generation through export development. Specific issues to be solved are: a) Low capacity of tourism enterprises and SMEs supplying the tourism industry with knowledge for understanding markets, demand patterns, and how to adapt products to the required level b) Insufficient institutional capacity of sector associations in providing members with relevant services c) Missing linkages with the export market

    Beneficiary countries

    • 2014 Myanmar
    • 2015 Myanmar