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  • Octubre 2015

    • Reuters.PNG

      14 October 2015 - Reuters and 20+ other outlets
      Internet gap hinders small firms in poor countries
      - A study of small and medium-sized businesses around the world has found that one of the main reasons they underperform — especially in poorer countries — is that they make too little use of the Internet. Small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs) in Brazil are three times less productive than big firms there while those in India are 10 times less productive. The report published yesterday by the International Trade Centre, a joint venture of the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations, aimed to find out why. It examined 38 indicators to gauge the national and business environment and firms’ capacity to “compete, connect and change”. They include such measures as managerial experience, level of training, and existence of bank accounts and audited financial statements. In Indonesia, only 9.4 per cent of small firms were using email, and only 4.2 per cent had their own website. In Bangladesh, the figures were 12.0 per cent and 6.0 per cent respectively. “Indonesia is surprising, it’s one of the few countries where even large firms underperform in the use of email,” said Marion Jansen, the ITC’s chief economist. She said Bangladesh was trying to establish an export position in the IT business, but its small firms were far behind in the use of websites and emails.


    • UNRadio.PNG

      14 October 2015 - UN Radio
      Cutting productivity gap crucial to small firms’ success
      - Smaller companies need to change the way they work, particularly in poorer countries, to ensure that employees aren't left behind by future economic gains, UN experts said Wednesday. Pointing to a large productivity gap between small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and bigger companies, the International Trade Centre (ITC) says numerous obstacles stand in the way of their growth. These issues need to be resolved quickly, ITC believes, since small firms employ up to 70 per cent of the world's workforce and account for 95 per cent of all companies.


    • wiiw.PNG

      13 October 2015 - wiiw.ac.at
      Trends in global trade policy
      - Marion Jansen, Chief economist of the International Trade Centre talks about mega-regional trade agreements and trade barriers for SMEs. After the FIW workshop 'Political Economy of Trade Policy' on 22 September, 2015 in Vienna, Marion Jansen gave an interview to wiiw Scientific Director Michael Landesmann on international trade policy and the implications and outlook for mega-regional (TTIP, TPP) and multilateral trade agreements. In her view, we will see a period of mega-regional trade agreements which will be followed by a return to a multilateral type of a trade system. Marion Marion Jansen is the Chief Economist of the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva. Prior to this she served as a counsellor in the Economic Research and Statistics Division of the World Trade Organization and in this role she was one of the co-ordinators of the WTO Chairs Programme. From early 2009 to September 2012 she led the International Labour Office’s Programme on Trade and Employment. She has co-edited a number of volumes on the subject of globalization and employment, including ‘Trade and Employment: From Myths to Facts’. The International Trade Centre (ITC) is a joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, which aims to strengthen SMEs in developing countries to become more competitive in global markets and to speeding economic development.


    • ThePeninsula.PNG

      13 October 2015 - The Peninsula
      Prime Minister to open World Export Development Forum
      - Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa (left), CEO of QDB, with Abdulaziz Zeid Rashid Al Taleb, Director of Government, Procurement Regulation, at the Ministry of Finance, during a press conference yesterday. Abdul Basit DOHA: Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani will open the 15th edition of the World Export Development Forum (WEDF) in Doha on October 20. Qatar Development Bank (QDB) yesterday announced the list of speakers at the two-day forum. The Ministry of Finance and QDB, in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC), a subsidiary organisation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), are jointly hosting the event based on the theme ‘Sustainable Trade: Innovate, Invest, Internationalise'. The Prime Minister will open the Forum in the presence of policymakers, representatives of trade support institutions and business executives who are charged with driving innovation and internationalisation. This is the first time the Middle East is hosting WEDF. H E Ali Sherif Al Emadi, Minister of Finance, Qatar, and Arancha Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the ITC, are among others to address the opening session. The Forum will include a number of specialised workshops as well, aimed to enhance the tourist experience and industrial sectors, said Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa , the CEO of QDB.


    • theoldnowmagazine.PNG

      11 October 2015 - theoldnow.it
      - Alcune delle creazioni, esplorative ed evocative, proseguono stilisticamete la collaborazione con l’agenzia dell’ONU International Trade Centre (ITC), che ha favorito l’introduzione dei tessuti realizzati a telaio a mano dalle donne dei villaggi del Burkina Faso. Una collezione con una marcia in più, quella delle cose etiche. Che danno speranza, che danno fiducia in piccoli grandi cambiamenti.


    • daily news.PNG

      8 October 2015 - dailynews.co.zw
      - The project, done in conjunction with the International Trade Centre and the European Union, would be conducted every quarter with the industry body measuring perception in local companies. In its survey, the CZI profiled 322 companies in the BCI sector with the results being segmented by region and what is referred to as a refined Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI).The results showed that Bulawayo was the least positive region in the country in terms of business confidence, while the Midlands province performed fairly well in almost all the variables assessed.


    • notingenio.com .PNG

      6 October 2015 - notingenio.com
      La Federación Nacional de Cafeteros presentó en Expo Milán el programa de mujeres cultivadoras de Café
      - La Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC) presentó su programa para mujeres cafeteras en Expo Milán, durante el seminario “Mujeres en el mundo del café: promoviendo la ‘revolución silenciosa’, la sostenibilidad en manos de las mujeres”, organizado por la Universidad del Café de Illy y la Fundación Ernesto Illy en el Pabellón de Colombia. En el seminario participaron alrededor de veinte mujeres que lideran proyectos sociales de empoderamiento y género con mujeres cafeteras de países productores de América Latina, África y Asia. El foro que se llevó a cabo en el Pabellón Colombia, reunió a mujeres de reconocidas organizaciones como el Coffee Quality Insitute, IDH, el International Trade Center y ONG´s como Manus Loci entre otros.


    • infocif.PNG

      6 October 2015 - noticias.infocif.es
      Aplicaciones de comercio internacional para smartphones
      - Nadie dijo que comerciar con otros países fuera sencillo, pues, hay que tener muchas cosas en cuenta y los riesgos que se corren son elevados.En un mundo tan convulso y cambiante como el que vivimos actualmente es complicado discernir cuáles pueden ser las buenas oportunidades de negocio de las que únicamente lo parecen, pues en el comercio internacional, queramos o no, entran en juegos demasiados actores, intermediarios, reglamentaciones e intereses de todas las partes. Entonces, ¿cómo saber de manera medianamente certera qué es lo que está sucediendo en el contexto económico mundial, y más específicamente en lo relativo a los países en los que podéis estar interesados? Soluciones tendréis varias, pero ya os voy diciendo que pocas tan prácticas como la que nos plantea el International Trade Center, un organismo supranacional enfocado en el mantenimiento de las buenas costumbres al hora de internacionalizar. Desde esta entidad presentan, para iOS y Android, la aplicación Market Analysis Tools; una magnífica app mediante la cual podréis consultar los datos relativos al país en el que estéis interesados, conocer las costumbres y situación de la región, comprender las particularidades de cada mercado y saber cómo actuar en consecuencia, y en general disponer a mano de toda aquella información que os permita tomar las decisiones con el menor riesgo posible.


    • allafricaOctober5.PNG

      5 October 2015 - All Africa
      Seychelles: Australia Steps Up Support for Itc's Women and Trade Programme
      - A$1.5 million funding from Australia to help ITC strengthen focus on women's economic empowerment in Indian Ocean region. Australia has announced that it would step up its support for the International Trade Centre's (ITC) Women and Trade Programme with its focus on the economic empowerment of women and connecting women-owned small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to markets. As part of wider development package, Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, said that ITC will be provided with A$ 1.5 million for programmes directed at women-owned businesses in the Indian Ocean Rim countries. At an Australia and Seychelles co-hosted women's economic empowerment event for Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) members in August which was attended by Australia's Ambassador for Women and Girls, Ms. Natasha Stott-Despoja, MA -, there was an agreement to focus on practical ways to increase women's participation in regional economies. This decision on additional funding to support ITC's work in the region was seen as an important contribution to this.


    • mitanews.PNG

      3 October 2015 - myanmarinternationaltv.com
      Inclusive Tourism: Integrating Local Communities
      - Engaging local communities in the growth of tourism in Kayah State is the goal of an ongoing project being undertaken with the assistance of the International Trade Center. With the financial support of the Netherlands Trust Fund (NTF), the inclusive tourism project targets to maximize the potential of Kayah State in tourism development, including cultural and eco-tourism. SENIOR OFFICER, INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTER (TRADE PROMOTION), MARIE-CLAUDE FRAUENRATH: “It will be a means for poverty reduction because Kayah is still a quite poor region. But they have a lot too gifts. So we have some to provide in the sustainable and responsible manner. So afterwards also people from Kayah , they can get income from tourism.”


    • The Columbian

      01 Nov. 2013 - The Columbian
      Agriculture headed to point where ample global supplies, slow growth yield surplusITC Trade Map database showed that while lower prices are cutting food costs, they’re also curbing income for producing nations. Brazilian soybean exports generated $17.2 billion of income last year. 


    • El Pais

      03 Nov. 2013 - El Pais
      Qué tienen en común la ONU y este bolso?Interview with Arancha Gonzalez on ITC's Ethical fashion programme and how fashion is a good tool for development.  


    • Vogue

      04 ONov. 2013 - Vogue
      Stella Jean Calls For A Fashion RevolutionInternational Trade Centre to source prints made by women living in villages in Burkina Faso 


    • Fortune

      03 Nov. 2013 - Addis Fortune
      World Trade: What It Takes for Ethiopia to Join?Interview between Arancha Gonzalez and Binyam Alemayehu on the topic of Ethiopia’s long-awaited accession to the WTO and the challenges faced by SMEs in Africa, as well as issues related to bilateral trade agreements. 


    • La prensa

      06 Nov. 2013 - La Prensa
      Encadenarse al mundoInterview with Arancha Gonzalez about how access to global markets remains a major challenge for small and medium enterprises.


    • The Baltic Times

      07 Nov. 2013 - The Baltic Times
      Facilitating SME access to finance for tradeITC's Torek Farhadi speaks about ITC activities in access to finance for SMEs and states that constraints remain despite efforts by International Financial Institutions.


    • El Nuevo Diario

      12 Nov. 2013 - El Nuevo Diario
      Emprendedoras con poco acceso al financiamientoITC supports a delegation of eight Peruvian companies traveling to Supplyside West tradeshow in Las Vegas to connect with buyers from the United States' natural products market. 


    • Vogue Australia

      12 Nov. 2013 - Vogue Australia
      Sass & Bide joins the Ethical Fashion InitiativeITC's Ethical Fashion programme has selected the Australian brand alongside Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Ilaria Venturini Fendi to partake in the program. 


    • Natural Products Insider

      12 Nov. 2013 - Natural Products Insider
      ITC Supports Eight Peruvian Companies at SupplySideITC supports a delegation of eight Peruvian companies traveling to Supplyside West tradeshow in Las Vegas to connect with buyers from the United States' natural products market.  


    • FIS

      23 Sep. 2013 - FIS
      Pangasius exports to Spain rise, Mexican imports fallITC Trade Map database shows that through July 2013, Spain bought 110,600 tonnes of frozen fish fillets from the world. The main sources were Vietnam, Namibia and China, though the volume imported from these three markets has been declining.


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