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Senegal: slow start of the marketing campaign

  • Senegal: Slow start of the marketing campaign

    by Market Insider

    Thursday, 15 Jan. 2015

    The groundnut marketing campaign started up officially on December 29th 2014, with a producer price fixed at 0.37 US$/kg (200 XOF/kg).  

    The Senegalese Government has already allocated 18.5 million US$ to cover the debt of seed and fertilizer operators. A Marketing Fund of 21.5 million US$ was decided to be set up and divided among processors, in order to compensate the subsidy on the groundnut producer price of 200 XOF/kg. Delays in the implementation of disbursement procedures of this Fund caused the slow start of the campaign. 

    Without sufficient financial resources to buy the crop and pay back their previous debts, processors are still waiting by mid-January to qualify for bank loans; groundnut trucks are parked in front of Suneor plant, waiting for the company to be able to pay for the crop. Only few operators were able to buy groundnut stocks with their own funds; all the others are still waiting to qualify for loans. As a result, by January 13th only about 700 tons of groundnuts and 685 tons of seeds to be certified were reported collected in Tambacounda region and 3300 tons of groundnuts and seeds were collected in Kaolack. 

    The release of the fund started the second week of January 2015. About a half of the fund (12 million US$) is allocated to Suneor, a third (7 million US$) to Copeol (formerly Novasen) and 2 million US$ to Touba agro-industrial complex (CAIT). Copeol began already to issue licenses to private operators and storekeepers and receive groundnuts in its Kaolack plant, and Suneor is announced to follow from January 19th onward. 

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