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Positive signs for Israeli mango

  • Positive signs for Israeli mango

    by Market Insider

    Thursday, 03 Sep. 2015

    Smaller volumes and growing demand are expected to create good market conditions for mango marketers in Europe over the next few months; while Israel is expecting a smaller than usual crop as a result of adverse winter weather, increasing demand from the retail sector – in particular within the high-quality, ready-to-eat segment – is reportedly contributing to growth in the mango business.

    Israel’s exporters are optimistic about the mango on-going season and see good opportunities to develop their sales especially in view of the fact Spain will apparently produce less this season, even though a repeat of Israel’s exceptionally challenging 2014 mango campaign is very unlikely.

    As the country’s export season gets underway, last winter’s very low temperatures means that a significant number of plantations have lost a certain proportion of their crops and last season’s heavy yields will not be repeated.

    Serious problems are nevertheless occurring for marketing the fruit in both local and export markets; on-going political unrest and fighting last summer closed off the important Palestinian market to Israeli mangoes while unfavourable movement in the currency rate against European currencies is complicating the commercialization in the international market.

    Today, the area of mango cultivated in Israel is around 1.600 ha and the major production areas are in the Jordan Rift Valley. Moves to develop mango production in southern Israel’s Arava Valley have focused on the Shelly variety, although the salinity of the available irrigation water poses a potential problem; thought is therefore being given to introducing desalination units close to water sources.

    At present, R&D efforts are centred on post-harvest treatments for mangoes and on improved, greener methods of plant protection that use pest-monitoring systems; work also continues on the introduction of new varieties.

    Source: Fresh Produce Journal

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