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Israeli avocado crop on the rebound

  • Israeli avocado crop on the rebound

    by Market Insider

    Wednesday, 31 Aug. 2016

    Untimely frost curtailed some of Israel's avocado production last year but growers are reporting better yields for the upcoming season.

    While not all avocado trees have made a full recovery from last year frosts, enough orchards were spared damage and this season's crop looks to be larger than in 2015-2016.

    Some areas just won't have avocados because of the frost in 2015 but, since many areas were not affected, it looks like the production deficit of the growers which will not have fruits will be largely compensated by the volumes proceeding from the growers which were less affected.

    The areas not affected by the frost will have high yields and, overall, a 10-20% increase in production volumes has been predicted.

    The difference with last year should not be a big problem as the market is forecasted to remain well oriented: with high demand in the international market and decreasing arrivals from the southern Hemisphere the commercialization should be relatively easy.

    Source: Freshplaza

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