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ISO/AFNOR meeting on essential oils

  • ISO/AFNOR meeting on essential oils

    by Market Insider

    Monday, 14 Mar. 2016

    The French delegation of AFNOR/T75A, "essential oils," joined delegates from 10 countries, including Germany, England, Australia, China, South Korea, Spain, Hungary, India, Rwanda and France, to discuss the updated International Organization for Standard­ization (ISO) essential oil standards in 2015. The group developed and updated ISO essential oil standards, including:
    • Methods (e.g., bergapten dosage in essential oils of citrus)
    • Products (e.g. essential oil of thyme thymol-type, essential oil of cypress)
    • Updating of analytical methods and the evolution of production methods of essential oils
    The ISO standards offer practical tools for the flavor and fragrance industry by supporting global and national trade and offering useful information for quality control laboratories and regulatory services, while also promoting the quality of essential oils. The French delegation underscored the French industry's involvement in natural products, essential oils, extracts and standard­ization, the importance of the production of perfume and aromatic plants in France, and its commitment to and knowledge of AFNOR/ T75A. This group covers essential oils for application in the fields of perfumery, cosmetics, food, flavors, pharmace­uticals, cleaning products, air care and plant applications. Further information is available at
    Source: Perfumer & Flavorist

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