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Peru set for bumper mango crop

  • Peru set for bumper mango crop

    by Market Insider

    Tuesday, 11 Oct. 2016

    Peruvian mango growers said abundant flowering this season is likely to push up year-on-year production and export figures by nearly a third.

    A mild winter in Peru may provide a “super production” of mangoes in 2016-2017 as the minimum temperatures in Piura reached 15°C this year and really helped with the flowering stage which observed an excess of 90% flowering in all the mango valleys.

    Growers expect a very abundant crop probably with around 25-30% more mangoes than the previous campaign.

    Beside the increasing volumes there are expectations for a large range of fruit sizes, which will allow marketing the fruit well and can avoid saturating the market with too much of one size causing prices to fall.

    The season for the early varieties like Keitt should begin in mid-November, with Kent kicking off into the first half of December; peak volumes are expected in January.

    Exports of mangoes from Peru could increase by 25-30% in both price and volume and the higher volumes forecasted should not affect returns as there will be more exports of organic fruits.

    Source: FreshfruitPortal

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