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Passionfruit: Australia aims to clear ripeness misconceptions

  • Passionfruit: Australia aims to clear ripeness misconceptions

    by Market Insider

    Thursday, 29 Sep. 2016

    The Australian passion fruit sector’s marketing campaign is targeting younger consumers with a big push in education.

    “Every body needs passion” is the slogan seen on posters distributed by Passionfruit Australia Inc and funded with the support of grower levies; it is a campaign aimed at improve knowledge about the fruit talking to the supermarkets and the greengrocers.

    Most discussions center on handling and display of passion fruit which is a little funny-looking purple black ball; generally there is a misconception about the fruit because they become wrinkly, which doesn’t actually hurt the product inside but do not has a visual appeal.

    When the fruit falls from the vine it’s not wrinkly, it’s smooth-skinned; if sending wrinkly fruit to the market they would be downgraded and people would know that’s old fruit.

    The fruit must be eaten when the skin is wrinkled: the pulp inside is not harmed by the wrinkling which is just due to dehydration and doesn’t really change the sweetness of the fruit.

    However, the fact the visual appeal is on the inside brings the necessity of long talks about handling, display and storage.

    In conjunction with the educational campaign it is being tried to diversify also the sector’s consumer demographic: consumers generally buy the product regardless but are usually people over 45-50 for whom passion fruit formed part of their growing up, so the target segments of the marketing campaigns are now a lot more in the 20s and 30s range.

    Passionfruit Australia did a lot of in-store sampling and surveying and is now also looking at exports which might present consistent opportunities and give smoothing to the peaks and troughs of supply in the domestic market.

    Source: Freshfruitportal

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