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Growing demand for quality products in Warsaw

  • Growing demand for quality products in Warsaw

    by Market Insider

    Thursday, 29 Sep. 2016

    The Polish economy is the only EU economy that has succeeded in growing annually by 2% on average since the start of the current crisis. While the price was one of the most important purchasing criteria 5 years ago, now we see that consumers are increasingly demanding quality. Consumers want products to have more added value. This is evident in the city centre of Warsaw, where well-known brand names have become established and chique restaurants invite passers-by to come inside and eat. 
    Flowers have traditionally been sold on the street here, an image that has not changed. In the city centre of Warsaw there are street vendors on almost every street corner, with good-quality cut flowers. 
    The trade is established in the large shopping malls in Warsaw. Polish people enjoy shopping. There is a strong drive towards prosperity, and they enjoy socialising. The city centre is also full of pleasant cafes with outdoor terraces and restaurants, all beautifully decorated with flowers and plants.
    In DIY stores, consumers find primarily outdoor plants of good quality. The quality of the houseplants is not as good. There is also a great difference in the presentation of the product. While houseplants are presented in DIY stores more as a 'by-product', garden plants are beautifully displayed in well-cared for and designed outdoor areas. The value of a lovely garden seems to be increasing. 
    The garden centres in Warsaw are also extensive and have a wide assortment of outdoor plants.
    Supermarkets are less well developed in terms of the sales of flowers and plants. Products that you would see at Tesco, Lidl, Auchan or Biedronka are often of poorer quality, and the presentation of the products is not inviting. Carrefour is one of the few that are paying more attention to these products and caring for them properly. 
    Polish people buy houseplants primarily for personal use (67% according to the consumer panel of Royal FloraHolland). Cut flowers are usually given as gifts (61%). That is why cut flowers are generally bought from the specialist trade. Cut flowers for personal use are more likely to be purchased on the street than in the supermarket.
    These insights suggest that there is potential in the Polish market for good-quality flowers and garden plants. The demand for flowers and plants continues to increase. Because the average income is higher in urban areas, this development is more noticeable in the cities than in the countryside.
    Source: Royal FloraHolland 

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