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  • The global landscape of trade and development continues to evolve. New actors are emerging and production and trade patterns are changing as transportation and technological innovations lead to a faster and more efficient means of producing and trading goods and services.

    Growth and development continue to be the driving forces of international collaboration and despite the many recent tumultuous world events, substantial economic and human progress has been made in many developing countries and regions.


    Trade, aid and investment have played important roles in generating the means for transformative change that we have seen since the end of the global economic crisis. Building the appropriate skill set in countries, supporting SME competitiveness, nurturing innovation and ensuring access to quality employment will be critical to ensuring that this transformative change is sustainable and sustained. Improving the international competitiveness of SMEs from developing countries and economies in transition is ITC’s raison d’être.

    ITC’s Strategic Plan for 2018-21 sets out our understanding of the drivers that will shape the future of trade and international business, identifies the approach we will take within this strategic context, and highlights our priorities in providing integrated solutions for our clients. ITC developed its Strategic Plan through a public, inclusive and consultative process involving diverse external stakeholders and staff.

    At its root, all ITC’s efforts will seek to improve the international competitiveness of SMEs. Over the next four years, ITC will do more and do better. The organization’s vision is to grow to meet the demand of its clients. ITC will concentrate its interventions around six focus areas and enhance how it works to improve its performance and effectiveness.


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