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Saint Lucia

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Country Brief

St. Lucia is progressing in its transition from an agricultural economy to a more modern economy based on higher value services, notably tourism, which is Saint Lucia's main source of income and its biggest employer. The island has an area of 620 sq. km and a population is considered an upper middle income country with a high Human Development Index. The country offers an educated workforce and the best business environment in the Caribbean region. Like most countries in the region, its economic situation was affected by the global financial crisis and a series of natural disasters. 

ITC supported Saint Lucia to develop its National Export Strategy in 2004 and foresees some support for updating it. During 2012 and 2013, ITC also supported the country to build its trade information system.

Based on the ITC 2014-2018 Strategic Approach to the Caribbean Region, ITC will focus on implementing at regional level the recommendations of strategies recently developed by CARICOM for the cultural industries and professional services sectors.