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Funding streams

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    ITC’s work is enabled by two streams of funding: the Regular Budget (RB) and Extrabudgetary funding (XB).

    The RB consists of assessed contributions from member states, and is approved biennially by the United Nations General Assembly and the World Trade Organization (WTO) General Council. Both organizations provide equal amounts. ITC’s RB for the current biennium 2018-19 amounts to CHF 73.7 million.

    XB funds complement RB funds and are voluntary contributions made to the ITC Trust Fund (ITF), often covering multi-year periods. There are two categories of XB, known as windows:

    • Window I (W1) consists of un-earmarked and soft-earmarked contributions from funders.
    • Window II (W2) is composed of hard-earmarked bilateral contributions for specific projects. 

    As per the ITC Operational Plan 2019, the overall 2019 delivery of trade-related technical assistance (TRTA) is estimated to reach $112 million, composed of $37 million of RB and $75 million of XB.


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