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Innovative approaches and partnerships for synergy

  • An innovative approach taken by the project at the start was to quickly develop and agree with respective sector stakeholders on long-term roadmaps for the sectors. The project quickly followed through by implementing specific parts of the mango, spices and honey value chains, while capturing in the Development Roadmaps where other development partners could intervene and what future projects needed to do.

    Other innovative approaches of the project included leveraging the private sector, for example, Bosch AG of Germany and Parodi of Argentina for the honey industry. The project also brought on board other agencies such as WIPO to collaborate on project activities, i.e. complement the packaging and branding capacity building with training and advisory on intellectual property. Save Food Initiative was another initiative that the project collaborated with in the Kenyan mango sector on increasing processing capacity of mangos. Whereas the Save Food Initiative including stakeholders such as FAO, Xcom Africa and Technoserve supportied SMEs and farmers in the mango sector on the production side to reduce wastage, the project supported SMEs on Food Safety Standards and HACCP and Lean Supply Chain Management capacity building trainings.

    In the past we have benefited from working with ITC where we received Lean Management Training … which was really good and we benefited a great deal from this. With all this experience we launched our new facility on 8th of February 2017 in Thika and are hoping to get it Global Gap certified in the next few months. Our progress is steady as we manage our scale up process, anticipating quite large orders from various buyers (Japan, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Greece, UAE, SA etc), who have expressed interest in our products - especially the Dried Mango. We also benefited courtesy of ITC again, in attending the Dubai Gulf Food Fair and it was an eye-opener and productive experience. We feel we have the knowledge to penetrate the UAE Supermarkets.

    You can find the link that shows our launch event in brief.

    Tei Mukunya, Proprietor, Azuri Health Ltd

    The project practiced synergies and collaboration with other ITC projects, including:

    • With Netherlands Trust Fund (NTFIII) for market intelligence training in Kenya
    • With NTFIII for TISI training on service portfolio management and exchange of best practices. NTFIII sponsored TISI participants from Kenya to a workshop organized by the Finland project in Zambia.
    • The ITC Assess, Improve and Measure (AIM) project incorporated the newly formed Tanzania Spices Association (TASPA), formed through this Finland-funded project, in its regional training event that took place in Q3 2016.
    • SECO & UNDAP Tanzania sponsored “Integration of horticulture supply/value chains into tourism” project collaborated on setting up a competitive intelligence unit at SIDO.
    • In 2016, with the East African Community: Trade regional integration Project (TRIP).

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