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  • The project contributed to the establishment of an E-Directory of Women Trading across Borders, resource centre, logistics and business network:

    According to local sources, the tool has contributed to an increase in the efficiency in doing business. The beneficiaries requested this directory to be in a website so that to become an E-tool and a business matching for women trading across borders in EAC.

    Since its completion, the E-Directory has gathered more than 2000 contacts of women trading in Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania, including logistic services providers in EAC. The E-Directory will include also beneficiaries from other EAC countries and business contacts in EAC countries, such as regulatory agencies contacts and the different border locations representatives of those agencies are included in the E-Directory and Website. Moreover, training materials, on the various training modules and presentations in English, French and local languages are available on the website including export procedures, forms and model contracts.

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