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  • The project is funded by the European Union (EU) through its Regional Multiannual Indicative Programme (RIP) 2014-2020. Sri Lanka is part of the 19 countries covered by development cooperation under the EU-Asia RIP financed by the Instrument for Development Cooperation (DCI), with the long term objective of helping Sri Lanka to become a democratic, stable, secure and economically prosperous country through:

    • poverty reduction
    • social inclusion and reconciliation
    • economic development
    • good governance and
    • sustainable use of natural resources

    The EU and Sri Lanka

    The EU and Sri Lanka have had a longstanding cooperative partnership spanning 41 years since the first Sri Lanka-EU Commercial Cooperation Agreement signed in 1975.

    Support has been directed towards poverty reduction and provision of basic infrastructure and services for the most vulnerable of the country's population and support for local economic development and the strengthening of local governance. The EU has also supported post-tsunami reconstruction, humanitarian relief and conflict affected communities. In addition, the EU continues to provide other sources of funding in the form of electoral assistance, to support civil society organisations, local authorities, environment, human rights, and to support academic exchanges.

    For more information on EU and its relations with Sri Lanka, please click here .

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